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1-on-1 Mentorship

Personalized Guidance for all your Queries by Your Choice of Mentor

1-on-1 mentorship is for you if before choosing a career option, you want to know the first hand experience of people in those jobs.

We offer "ACCESS" to people whose journey you find interesting, and want to follow. We urge you to use this to build a long term relationship for guidance instead of transactional services like "Resume / Essay Review" for which there are many skilled consultants already

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We Get From our Mentees
  • What should we focus on during our college to land a good job?

  • How many internships should I do and how to find them?


  • How important is marks vs. extra-currics & leadership on my CV?


  • Given my interests, should I do an MBA or should I focus on MS?


  • Should I do MBA right after college or after work-ex?


  • How should I choose between Indian vs. other business schools?


  • With my profile, what kind of universities should I target for MBA?

  • I am looking for a job. What kind of companies should I target?

  • How does life in consulting / banking / marketing look like?

  • What all should I prepare for my upcoming job interview?

  • How can I build professional connections to help me in long term?

  • I am an introvert. How should I go about building connections?


INR 4,999 per Hour




After my first semester at IIT, I had a GPA of 6.0. I have always been a creatively driven person, and spent most of my time in college arranging fests and participating in music competitions. I wish I had a mentor then to tell me marks are important too.

I over-compensated for it during my MBA year at ISB. I focused on courses so much, that I may have missed out on the other fun elements of MBA. I wish someone told me then that a good balance is key.

Ever since, I have worked in management consulting across India, US, Hong Kong and Singapore. By now I have learnt to put all my energy to work when clients need it, but also take enough breaks to do things I enjoy most - like traveling, connecting with people, making vlogs & education content on Youtube. 

Soumi Datta

IIT Delhi, ISB Hyderabad

Ex-Monitor Deloitte, Ex-JPMorgan, currently working in a Fintech

  • LinkedIn

Finance has always been my area of interest, right from the IIT days. In order to get into a finance role, I have done quite a few certification courses including CFA, worked as an equity analyst, and also opted for relevant electives and internships during IIT and IIM.

Today I work as an Investment Banker in M&A in one of the top global banks, and to get me here, some of the above have helped, some have not. Hence, I am much more knowledgable now about the most efficient path to reach where I am today. Looking back, I definitely wish I had sought guidance from someone within the field to focus my time on the right things.

Investment banking is not for everyone, however glamorous it may sound from outside. I leave no chance to educate more about this sought after profession and help them realize if this is the right path for them.

Akhil Mittal

IIT Delhi, IIM Bangalore

Currently working in a Global Investment Bank in M&A

  • LinkedIn

When I got into IIT Kanpur, I thought academics is all that matters to grab a high-paying job and lead a socially acceptable "successful" life, because that is what had got me from a tier 2 city to one of the most reputed engineering colleges in India. One year into IIT, I knew I was wrong.

I used my time in IIT to take up several projects, internships and extracurricular activities, not only to hone my soft skills, but also to explore and eliminate my interests in different fields. Later, I left 3 banking offers to get into IIM Bangalore with a 100 percentile in CAT, and there, continued to build my profile with a good mix of academics & other activities.

Last 5 years, working in one of the topmost consulting firms of the world in India & US, I have been on both sides of the recruitment process, and now have a much better idea about why these companies have such high standards when hiring their future employees. Consulting is one of the most sought after professions these days. And while there are two sides to every coin, it does teach you a thing or two about your own self. I use my consulting skills to grow a Fintech company at present.

Siddharth Sharma

IIT Kanpur, IIM Bangalore

Ex-McKinsey, currently working in a Fintech

  • LinkedIn

I have always been passionate about doing work that can make meaningful impact at the grass root level. It is not surprising, that I did not take up a corporate job after graduating for BITS Pilani. My search for meaningful work introduced me to the growing development sector in India, and ever since there has been no looking back.

Over last few years, I have associated myself with UNCDF, Swaniti, Vidya and Child. Today I am the Digital Communications lead at a political strategy firm working for high visibility election campaigns, and I find it heartening to see the how to development sector, political strategy and business are gradually coming together.

Working in the growing development sector of India can be nothing short of an entrepreneurial adventure, and I look forward to sharing my learnings with you - how you can get into the field, what will help you excel, and so much more.

Shubhodeep Datta

BITS Pilani

Development sector professional, currently working in the political consulting space

  • LinkedIn
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