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MBA Consultation

Ask Us Your MBA and Application / SOP / ESSAY Related Questions

Ever since we have graduated from top B-schools in India (ISB, IIM Bangalore), every year we get a lot of questions on profile evaluation, how to write MBA essays, how to solidify your Statement-of-Purpose, etc. Frankly, you don't necessarily need external help for your application, if you are good at storytelling and know your Resume in and out. But if you do consider help, we are happy to evaluate your profile and provide guidance on your essays and SOP.

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INR 4,999 for 1 Hour

You get:

  • Evaluation of your profile

  • Guidance on when is the right time for MBA

  • How to select the best B-school

  • What B-schools are looking for

  • How to prepare essays and application

  • Guidance on how to build your MBA profile

  • Buy now, use it within next 6 months

Consultation + Essay

INR 9,999

You get:

  • Everything offered in "Consultation" +

  • Review of Draft 1 of Essays

  • Feedback on how to improve storytelling

  • Refining and cross-questioning of your SOP

  • Review & feedback on Draft 2

  • Approx. 3 Hours consultation + offline review

  • Buy now, use it within next 6 months

MBA Consultation Pricing
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