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Interview Mentorship

Get Access to Our Behavioral Interview Frameworks developed over years of giving and taking interviews

Every interview has a technical and a behavioral round. While we typically end up preparing primarily for technical rounds, the behavioral is often put on backburner. Luckily for you, through our years of giving and taking interviews, we have developed some frameworks to tackle common questions such as "Tell us about yourself", or "What are your weaknesses". We also offer mock interviews if you need so, however, your own introspection is the biggest preparation you need to excel in interviews

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INR 499

You will receive a Guide on Email, which includes:

  • Details of Job Interview rounds

  • Skillsets being assessed

  • List of top HR questions

  • Best framework to answer

  • Sample answers

  • Key sources for interview prep

  • BONUS - How to Find Job Interview Leads

Mock Interviews

You get:

  • Interview Framework free

  • 5 minute introduction

  • 40 minute Behavioral (Mock) Interview

  • 10 minute Feedback

  • BONUS - 5 min Q&A

  Pro Tip - You can make most use

  of the session by going through   

  the framework beforehand

INR 4,999 (1 Hour Session)

Interview Prep Details
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